107, 108, 110 Thermistor Sensors


Thermistor sensors used for a wide variety of applications in air, soil or water.

The 107-L & 108-L sensors are general purpose temperature sensor that can be used to accurately measure the temperature of a variety of media, most commonly air, water, and soil. They consist of a thermistor encapsulated in a cylindrical aluminum housing and designed for durability and ease of installation/removal.

The 107-L probe measures temperature from -35° to +50°C.

The 108-L probe measures temperature from -5° to +95°C.

An aspirated radiation shield is recommended when the temperature sensor is exposed to sunlight


  • Polynomial linearization accuracy:
    • 107-L: <±0.5°C (-35° to +50°C);<±0.1°C (-24° to +48°C)
    • 108-L: <±0.5°C at the -5° to +90°C range
  • Interchangeability error:
    • 107-L: <±0.2°C (0° to +50°C) increasing to ±0.4°C at -40°C
    • 108-L: <±0.2°C over 0° to 70°C range increasing to ±0.3°C at 95°C


The 109-L has a measurement temperature range of -50° to +70°C and outputs a full scale range of 0 to 2.2 Volts. Although similar in appearance, the 109 is not interchangeable with the 107 or 108 temperature probes (i.e., the 107/108 cannot be used with the CR200-series dataloggers). To allow the 109 to be easily distinguished from the 107 and 108, the 109 has a bright yellow label just above the sensor's pigtails (the label is white in the 107 and 108).


  • Temperature measurement range: -50° to +70°C
  • Sensor: BetaTherm 10K3A11B Thermistor
  • Steinhart-Hart Equation Error: Maximum error is 0.03°C at -50°C


The 110-L Temperature Probe consists of a thermistor encased in an aluminum disk. The disk protects the thermistor and promotes heat transfer from surfaces. An adhesive tab on the probe's aluminum disk fastens the 110PV to the measurement surface


  • Temperature measurement range: -40° to +135°C
  • Temperature Uncertainty
    -40° to 70°C: ±0.2°C tolerance
    71° to 105°C: ±0.5°C tolerance
    106° to 135°C: ±1°C tolerance
  • Disk Diameter: 2.54 cm


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107 & 108 Temperature Sensor Brochure

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109 Temperature Sensor Brochure

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110 Temperature Sensor Brochure

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