MAC3 Wind Alarm


Maximum's MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm & Controller is used to measure and display wind speed and allows the user to set two different wind speed readings at which they would like to be notified, both visually and audibly, when the wind meets either set-point.

This instrument also contains two internal SPDT relays, which allow the operator to open or close the circuit leading to an external appliance, based on the selected wind speeds. A built in latching switch helps protect attached equipment from cycling on/off repeatedly as set points are met.

MAC3 is used in various commercial applications including cranes (mobile, gantry and stationary), amusement parks, fountain controls, entertainment (special effects), outdoor signage, home automation and agricultural monitoring.


Features include:

  • recording of high gust and average wind speed
  • password protection
  • multi-sensor operation
  • IP65 rated polycarbonate case
  • Proven #400 anemometer used for more than 30 years

All MAC3 instruments are pre-wired during production and tested for accuracy & effectiveness before being packaged for shipping. We recommend a bench-test of the pre-wired instrument prior to installation to ensure that all is in working order.



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