Hukseflux NR01 4-component Net Radiometer

The NR01 is a 4-component net-radiation sensor that is used for scientific-grade energy balance studies.

The instrument has separate measurements of solar (Short Wave or SW) and Far Infra-Red (Long Wave or LW) radiation. Major improvements relative to comparable instruments include weight (reduced), solar offsets in the LW signal (reduced), ease of leveling (levelling assembly is included).


The NR01 serves to measure the 4 separate components of the surface radiation balance. Working completely passively, using a thermopile sensor, the NR01 generates 4 small output voltages proportional to the incoming and outgoing SW and LW fluxes. The SW solar radiation sensors are also called pyranometers, the LW sensors are also called pyrgeometers. For calculation of sky and surface temperature, a Pt100 temperature sensor is included in the pyrgeometers. In order to avoid deposition of dew, the pyrgeometers may be heated. A 2-axis levelling assembly is included. The NR01 cable can easily be installed or replaced by the user.


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4 Component Net Radiation Sensor Brochure

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