Lab Spectroradiometers


For measurement of the makeup of the light spectum

The Apogee cosine-corrected head provides NIST-traceable spectroradiometric measurements of photosynthetic photon flux in µmol m-2 s-1, irradiance in W m-2, and illuminance in LUX. 

The detector collects light for the spectroradiometer via fiber-optic cable. The spectroradiometer then transmits its measurements to a PC where custom software (included) displays the spectrum of the light source. Live data can be saved as a data file suitable for work in other programs, such as Excel or SigmaPlot.

PS-200 (PAR/NIR)   -  350 to 1000 nm

PS-100 (UV/PAR)    -   300 to 850 nm

PS-300 (UV/NIR)     -  300 to 1000 nm

All Models Include

  • Calibration to an NIST-traceable lamp
  • Cosine corrected head with leveling plate
  • Two meters of fiber optic cable
  • Rechargeable battery package
  • USB2 cable for connection to laptop
  • Custom software



  • Detector: 2048 pixel 14 µm x 200 µm microelement array
  • Dynamic Range: 1 to 4096 counts (± 0.5%)
  • Signal to noise ratio(S/N): Up to 1000:1
  • Linear Range: 0 - 2.1 absorbance units (< 0.5%)
  • Exposure Range: 4 milliseconds to 60 seconds (synoptic multi-channel)
  • Power Requirements: 220-250 milliamps at +5 volts DC (provided)
  • Optical Cable: 2 meters armored cable with a 400 µm diameter fiber optic. 
  • Wavelength Accuracy: < 0.25 nm
  • Wavelength Repeatablity: < 0.05 nm
  • Wavelength Stability: < 0.001 nm per °C


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Spectroradiometer specifications

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