TE525MM-L Texas Electronics Raingauge


A mid-grade tipping bucket rain gauge with 0.1mm tip.

The TE525-series tipping bucket raingauges are manufactured by Texas Electronics. The TE525MM measures in 0.1 mm increments. The gauge funnels precipitation into a bucket mechanism that tips when filled to a calibrated level. A magnet attached to the tipping mechanism actuates a switch as the bucket tips. The momentary switch closure is counted by the pulse-counting circuitry of Campbell Scientific dataloggers.


  • Temperature: 0° to +50°C
  • Resolution: 1 tip
  • Rainfall per tip: 0.1 mm
  • Orifice diameter: 24.5 cm
  • Height: 29.21 cm
  • Accuracy: varies with rainfall intensity; ±1% at rates up to 1"/hr


Texas Electronics Raingauge Brochure

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