Apogee Thermopile Pyranometers

SP-510, SP-610, CS320

Apogee's new cost-effective thermopile pyranometers features a blackbody thermopile detector that provides a much broader and more uniform spectral response for better performance in all atmospheric conditions compared to silicon cell pyranometers.

It compares favorably to other thermopile pyranometers at a fraction of the cost. Applications include shortwave radiation measurement in agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks, measurement of global solar radiation, and optimizing photovoltaic systems.

The model SP-510 is a traditional upward looking model, while the SP-610 is downward looking to measure reflected shortwave radiation from terrestrial surfaces.


  • ISO 9060:2018: Class C (previously known as second class)
  • Spectral Range: Upward-looking: 385 to 2105 nm
                          Downward-looking: 295 to 2685 nm
  • Absolute accuracy ± 5%; Uniformity ± 3%; Repeatability <± 1%
  • Output: Upward-looking:  0.057 mV per  W m-2; Downward-looking: 0.15 mV per W m-2
  • Heater power: 780 Ω, 15.4 mA current draw and 185 mW power requirement at 12 V DC
  • Operating environment: - 50 to 80 °C; 0 to 100% relative humidity. Designed for continuous outdoor use.
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum with acrylic lens
  • Warranty: 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship



Leveling Bases & Mounting

A leveling base must always be used to keep the sensor at the correct sun angle.

There are different depending on your mounting system, and if you are using a meter or sensor on cable.

Please ask for advice for the correct model.

Carry Case The AA-100 carry case is an optional accessory for protecting meters in the field
Sensor Wands

The AM-310 is for placing sensors in difficult to access places, such as underwater or under canopy.






About the manufacturer

Apogee manufacture a specialised range of sensors for biophysical studies including light sensors, oxygen and surface temperature (IR) sensors.

All Apogee products are covered by an industry-leading four-year warranty against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship.



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