Eppley SPP Secondary Standard Precision Pyranometer

The ideal instrument for high quality network measurements and as a transfer standard for calibration of other pyranometers.

Based on the design of the distinguished PSP Pyranometer, the new SPP has faster response time, a reduced nighttime thermal offset, an improved cosine response and a better temperature dependence. A thermistor is included for measuring instrument temperature.


Key Specifications

Classification: Secondary Standard / High Quality
Traceability: World Radiation Reference (WRR)
Spectral Range: 295-2800 nm
Output: 0-10 mV analog
Sensitivity: approx. 8 μV / Wm-2
Impedance: approx. 700 Ω
95% Response Time: 5 s
Zero Offset a): 5 Wm-2
Zero Offset b): 2 Wm-2
Non-Stability: 0.5%
Non-Linearity: 0.5%
Directional Response: 10 Wm-2
Spectral Selectivity: 2%
Operating Temperature: -50°C to +80°C
Temperature Response: 0.5% from -30°C to +50°C
Tilt Response: 0.5%
Calibration Uncertainty: < 1%
Measurement Uncertainty:
Single Point < 10 Wm-2
Hourly Average approx. 2%
Daily Average approx. 1%

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