Vector A100LK / A100LM Low-Power Anemometers


This anemometer is offered to satisfy those low-power applications requiring an anemometer offering a pulse/frequency output while consuming little supply current and operating from a supply as low as 5v.

The low power consumption, wide power supply range and pulse/frequency signal make this anemometer a popular choice for use with data loggers for applications such as general meteorology and wind-power site surveying as this instrument has first class performance. A slotted disk interrupting a light beam is used in this instrument to detect the motion of the calibrated R30 series 3-cup rotor and hence determine the wind speed. Construction is from anodised aluminium alloys, stainless steels and weather resisting plastics for exposed parts. Precision corrosion resistant ball-races and a stainless steel shaft enable the R30 rotor response to produce a highly sensitive yet robust instrument suitable for continuous exposure to the weather. A marine version and an anti-icing heater option are also available. The recommended mounting adaptors for use with this instrument are Vectors type 405 and 405-1 series.


  • Threshold: 0.15m/s (0.3Kt)
  • Starting Speed: 0.2m/s (0.4Kt)
  • Stopping Speed: 0.1m/s (0.2Kt)
  • Maximum Windspeed: over 75m/s (146Kts)
  • Temperature Range: -30 to +70 °C
  • Accuracy: 1% of reading between 20Kts and 110Kts (up to 2% above 110Kts, 0.2Kts below 20Kts)
  • Non-Linearity: 0.4% full-range output frequency (correction curve supplied)
  • Distance Constant: 2.3m +/-10% (R30 rotor)
  • Supply Voltage: 4.75..28V DC (max 1.3mA, average is typically less than 1mA)
  • Pulse Output Signal: 0V / 4V levels, A100LK: 10Hz per Knot (i.e. 0..1500Hz = 0..150Kts), A100LM: 10Hz per m/s (0..750Hz=0..75m/s)
  • Resolution: A100LK: 5.15cm, A100LM: 10cm
  • Rotor: 3-cup R30K (A100LK) or R30M (A100LM) as standard.


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