Oceanographic Sensors

Tilt Current Meters

Lowell Instruments have developed this new sensor technology to provide low cost but accurate and reliable measurement of water flow in a wide range of environments from estuarine environments to the deep ocean.

Select from their range of models

Model TCM-1
Intended Use General purpose meter for use out to the edge of the continental shelf Deep ocean meter for use off the continental shelf Very shallow water and intertidal areas less than 1-meter depth Very deep ocean of use in all but the deepest trenches
Single or dual range? Dual Single Single Single
Recommended Velocity Range 0-40 cm/s

0-80 cm/s
0-80 cm/s 0-50 cm/s 0-50 cm/s
Accuracy 2 cm/s + 3% of reading

3 cm/s + 3% of reading
3 cm/s + 3% of reading 3 cm/s + 3% of reading 3 cm/s + 3% of reading
Peak Velocity 120 cm/s 120 cm/s 75 cm/s 75 cm/s
Depth 300 m 4,500 m 30 m 10,000 m
Length 73 cm 77 cm 25 cm 109 cm
Weight 340 g 1290 g 98 g 1860 g
Cost $ $$$ $ $$$$

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