AP4 Leaf Poromoter

Plant Growth

Direct readout of stomatal conductance or stomatal resistance

The AP4 Leaf Porometer measures diffusion conductance by comparing the precise rate of humidification within a small cuvette (chamber) to readings obtained with a calibration plate. The plate has 6 diffusion conductance settings whose values have been accurately determined by finite element analysis.


Simple & Rapid Field Calibration

Step-through procedures from menus displayed on the LCD guide the user through the processes of calibration, taking readings, and the review and output of stored data.


Long established reputation

The original poromoter was developed in close consultation with Professor John L. Monteith (1929 - 2012) over a period of four decades - from manufacture of the world's first automatic porometer in the 1970s, through several subsequent versions - leading to the current AP4 Porometer.


About the manufacturer
Delta-T specialise in manufacturing instruments for plant science and related studies.

Products include soil moisture sensors, stomatal conductance, canopy analysis system and solar radiation.


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AP4 Data sheet

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