CCM-300 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter


A new technology for the non-destructive measurement of chlorophyll for very small or difficult samples

The CCM-300 uses a proven fluorescence ratio technique for chlorophyll content measurement at an affordable price. This system works when other systems will not work!

With this technology, chlorophyll content can now be measured from germination through maturity.

This nondestructive technique provides reliable results regardless of leaf size, thickness or shape.

High degree of correlation with chemical tests, even at high chlorophyll content levels.

Difficult measuring applications include:

  • Conifer Needles
  • Immature Wheat
  • Turf Grass
  • Fruit
  • Moss
  • Lichens
  • Algae on rocks
  • Stems and Petioles
  • Seeds

Of course, the system also works for the more standard applications such as Corn and Wheat.


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