Apogee Soil / Air Oxygen

SO-xxx & MO-xxx

For measurement of oxygen concentration in air or soil

This sensor measures the amount (%) of Oxygen gas in air and is suitable for soil and laboratory studies.

They are galvanic cell type sensors with a lead anode, a gold cathode, an acid electrolyte and a Teflon membrane. The current flow between the electrodes is proportional to the oxygen concentration being measured. An internal bridge resistor is used to provide a mV output.


  • Range: Sensor - 0-100%, Meter - 5-100%
  • Repeatability:±0.1% @ 20.9% O2
  • Input power: 12 V power for heater, 2.5 V excitation for thermistor
  • Operating environment: -20 to 60 °C; 0 to 100% RH; 60 to 140 kPa




Std Response
(60 sec)

Fast Response
(14 sec)


(low power)

SO-110 X   X  
SO-120 X     X
SO-210   X X  
SO-220   X   X
MO-200   X    
All models available with either diffusion (suitable for soils), flow through (for in-line) or both heads



Carry Case The AA-100 carry case is an optional accessory for protecting meters in the field



About the manufacturer

Apogee manufacture a specialised range of sensors for biophysical studies including light sensors, oxygen and surface temperature (IR) sensors.

All Apogee products are covered by an industry-leading four-year warranty against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship.


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