Skye Red/Far-Red Sensor

Solar Radiation

This sensor is used to measure light "quality" using the ratio of red to far red light.

A 2-channel sensor with narrow band filters centred at 660nm and 730nm. This is a very popular filter combination important for plant phytochrome studies, and controlling plant responses in mixed lighting conditions.

About the manufacturer

Skye is an employee owned company that has been manufacturing research grade systems and sensors for plant science and commercial horticulture since 1983.

The Company started on the Isle of Skye, Scotland and re-located to Wales in 1986. They manufacture a range of specialist light sensors and plant analysis systems. All Skye light sensors are directly traceable to NPL - Calibration Standards Body of the UK. They have a range of excellent specialised radiation sensors that measure in the specific wavelengths and with a range of outputs. In addition to their standard sensors, they are able to make custom sensors for specialised applications and growth chambers.


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Red/Far Red Sensor Brochure

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