LDI ROW oil detector
LDI ROW oil detector

LDI ROW Oil Detector

The LDI's Remote Optical Watcher (ROW) is an autonomous non-contact fluorescence-based instrument for early detection of oil on water in real-time. The ROW series ensure that industrial processes remain safe and risks to the environment are alerted immediately.

ROW DETECTS: motor oils, turbine oils,vegetable oils, fuel oils, marine diesel oils, crude oils, heating oils, lube oils, hydraulic oils, gas oils, motor oils, mineral oils. Available in Aluminum enclosure, intrinsically safe ATEX Exd for hazardous environments, and Stainless Steel for corrosive conditions. The Light Fraction ROW model detects all three major oil fractions: heavy (crude etc...), medium (diesel etc...), and light (kerosene etc...), it is also available in Stainless Steel and ATEX Exd enclosures.


  • Real-time detection with UV fluorescence method
  • Detection: any oil contamination
  • Detection limit: 1 μm
  • Field of view: up to 0.4 m, Ø
  • Power consumption: < 2 W
  • Certification: IP68, CE (the European Economic Area)
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Models: O-2311A (Aluminum), O-2311S (Stainless Steel), O-2301B (ATEX EXD)
  • Sensitivity: > 1 µm (micrometer) oil film
  • Range: up to 10 m above surface (water or ground); ATEX EXD only 8 m
  • Operation Temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C
  • Enclosures: IP68, pressurised (Ar) hermetically sealed, weather proof. Aluminum - Anodized, power painted. Stainess Steel - 316L. ATEX EXD - 316L ATEX & IECEx flameproof enclosure (refer to Brochure for hazardous area information) 
  • Dimensions & Weight: Aluminum - 659 x 83 x 80 mm, 1.7 kg; Stainess Steel - 686 x 139 x 139 mm, 6.9 kg; ATEX EXD - 669.5 x 142.5 x 132 mm, 12 kg
  • Power Options: 12 VDC (10V - 30V) as standard. Other options: 220 VAC, 50 Hz. AC/DC adapter, solar/battery options available
  • Power Usage: < 2 Watt (DC)
  • Light Source: pulsed UV LED
  • LED Lifetime: 5 years typical, replaceable
  • Outputs: relay contact, RS-485, 4-20 mA (as standard)
  • Telemetry: RS-232, Ethernet, Wireless Radio Link, Wi-Fi, GSM, Custom Solutions (optional adapters available)
  • User Interface: ROW Configurator for setup & adjustment; ROW Manager for network visualisation.
  • Certifications: refer to the Brochure
  • Warranty: 2 years factory warranty as standard

LDI ROW Technical Specifications

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