OBS500 Smart Turbidity Sensor with Anti-fouling

The OBS500 is a submersible turbidity probe with active antifouling capabilities for better measurements in biologically active water with both high and low turbidity.

It outputs an SDI-12, digitally processed signal that many of our dataloggers can measure. ClearSensor® and OBS® are registered trademarks of Campbell Scientific.


Benefits and Features
  • Dual backscatter and sidescatter sensors used to measure turbidity

  • ClearSensor® antifouling method for better measurements in biologically active water

  • Shutter/wiper mechanism keeps lenses clean

  • Refillable biocide chamber prevents fouling

  • Disposable plastic sleeve facilitates cleanup

  • Optional copper sleeve for additional protection (especially for sea water) or disposable plastic sleeve facilitates easy cleanup

Design features of the OBS500 include the combination of a backscatter sensor (better at measuring high turbidity) with a second sidescatter sensor (better at measuring lower turbidity). It has a shutter that is opened only during measurements, which reduces the time that algae or other organisms can cling to its optics.

To prevent biofouling and ensure better measurements, the OBS500 incorporates the ClearSensor® Method (Patent No. 8,429,952). This method uses a shutter/wiper mechanism to protect and clean the optics. With the ClearSensor® method, a chamber is also filled with a biocide that continuously leaches out over the optics while the probe shutter is in the closed position.

Campbell Scientific offers a disposable, plastic sleeve that can make cleanup a snap, as well as a copper sleeve that can provide additional protection, especially in sea water.



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