The ClimaVUE50 is an All-In-One weather sensor from Campbell Scientific that measures all common weather parameters found on a typical weather station. It communicates to any weather station datalogger using the SDI-12 protocol.

Parameters include:

  • air temperature
  • relative humidity and vapour pressure
  • barometric pressure
  • wind speed, gust, and direction
  • solar radiation
  • precipitation
  • lightning strike counter and distance


Key Benefits & Features:

This digital multi-parameter weather sensor was developed with the environmental researchers and environmental monitoring networks in mind. The sensor can be deployed to give environmental researchers a complete solution to meteorological measurements to supplement the research that they are focusing on. The large meteorological networks can also easily deploy this sensor to supply spatial coverage in sparser networks.

Here are the key benefits of the ClimaVUE50:

  • Measures all common meteorological parameters that can be found on a typical weather station, taking the place of 5 to 7 individual sensors.
  • No moving parts - 100% solid state transducing elements minimize maintenance and upkeep costs associated with mechanical sensors.
  • The cable is detachable from the sensor for easy field cable replacement if the cable gets damaged.
  • SDI-12 digital output will simplify programing.
  • Designed for long-term outdoor operation.
  • Mounts to 2" Piper or smaller


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