Data Acquisition

We can provide site collection or secure remote downloading of data, as well as data reduction, validation and storage.
Equipment sourcing and supply is our core business, and is traditionally how our customers think of us. However, we also provide a wide range of services and data acquisition. Our equipment and services enable you to collect valid relevant data.

Field collection

Our technicians can travel to your site and collect stored data, or carry out field work to measure data values using specialised equipment.

Remote collection

Remote collection of data on your behalf, via a secure modem connection is available.

Data reduction

We can summarise your data, and provide it in the required form.

Data verification

Data can be checked for faulty values or gaps, and then if required site maintenance can be initiated.

Data display

Data can be displayed on a password protected website, which provides multiple graphing and data download options. To take a look at our password protected website, click on the link at the bottom of this webpage and sign in using the guest login details provided.

Data integrity and ownership

We do not do data analysis, so therefore have no vested interest in any given conclusion. The data we collect and store on your behalf is your private property, and we will not supply it to anyone else.

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Scottech password protected website that displays customer data, envirodata provides multiple graphing and data download options.
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