Water Resources

Scottech has been supporting hydrologists and water managers since it's inception.

A stream gauging. Many detailed velocity measurements are taken across the stream cross-section.

Measuring Stream Flow for Consent Purposes

Application Note

We have a depth of expertise to assist getting the right technology and services to match your requirements.


Water Level Instrumentation & Systems

We can supply individual sensors as well as build and install complete water level monitoring systems. Key products that would be integral to our systems include:

Systems are designed with a number of things in mind including the physical site characteristics, accessibility, data requirements and purpose of the application. Applications can cover a range including flood warning, consent monitoring, ecological studies and other research.


Water Quality Instrumentation & Systems

As for water level we can supply individual sensors as well as build and install complete water level monitoring systems. Sensors are available for pH, DO, Turbidity, Temperature, Conductivity. Sensors for water quality can be found here.

In addition,we are able to provide full field maintenance services if required to maintain these systems.


Irrigation Monitoring

In the last few years we have spent considerable time with irrigators and irrigation installers to develop products and services that will help irrigators monitor their water usage.

The XISYS flow logger has been designed specifically for New Zealand consent requirements while also providing valuable information to the user. Flow loggers are attached to flow meters and are set up to record how much water is used for irrigation. While these are primarily installed by users who are required to use them for consent compliance, they offer much more in the way of information for the irrigation manager. Scottech's Flow Logger has been designed with this in mind, with a large display which allows the irrigator to instantly see current and cumulative water use without the use of a computer. There are models for both manual download and automatic download via telemetry.


Stream Gauging

  • Current meters - propellor and acoustic models from a range of suppliers
  • STIL Gauging Logger - developed specifically in New Zealand to improve the accuracy and efficiency of stream gaugings
  • Top Setting Rods
  • Staff Gauge plates & numbers

In addition, we have experienced field hydrologists based in Hamilton and Christchurch able to carry out full stream gauging services including site selection and maintenance, rating curve development, equipment maintenance, data download and reporting.

We are able to carry out wading and bridge gaugings as well as boat-based gaugings using ADCP equipment and our fully equipped survey boat.