HOBO UX120 4-Channel Datalogger

The HOBO UX120-006M Analogue Logger is a high-performance, LCD display data logger for a range of indoor monitoring applications.

As Onset's highest accuracy data logger, it provides twice the accuracy of previous models, a deployment-friendly LCD, and flexible support up to four external sensors for measuring temperature, current, CO2, voltage and more.

The logger is ideal for energy audits, building commissioning studies, equipment scheduling, and more.

  • Twice the accuracy over previous models with 16-bit resolution
  • Flexible support for a wide range of external sensors
  • Measure up to to 24VDC or 4-20mA (with appropriate cable)
  • LCD confirms logger operation and displays near real-time measurement data
  • Provides minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation logging options
  • On-screen alarms notify you when a sensor reading exceeds set thresholds
  • Stores 1.9 million measurements for longer deployments between offloads


There are a range of standard sensors, or use a third party sensor with one of the voltage of current input adaptor cables.

* NOTE: The HOBO UX120-018 Plug Load Logger is only available for 120VAC and not available in New Zealand


Sensors for the UX120-006M

Parameter Part(s) Detail
Direct Connect 
4-20mA CABLE-4-20MA

Resolution 0.002% of full scale, 0.3uA

Accuracy: ±0.01 mA ±0.2% of reading

AC Current CTV-A  2 - 20 A
CTV-B  5 - 50 A
CTV-C  10 - 100 A
CTV-D  20 - 200 A
CTV-E  60 - 600 A

Split core with pivot leg

Accuracy ±2.1% of full scale

Voltage rating: 600 VAC

DC Volts CABLE-2.5-STEREO 0-2.5 Vdc
CABLE-ADAP10 0-10 Vdc
CABLE-ADAP24 0-24 Vdc
Resolution 0.002% of full scale
TMC1-HD, TMC6-HD, TMC20-HD, TMC50-HD Standard, cables1' - 50'

TMC6-HC Food grade

TMC6-HE Fast response surface mounting

Range: -40° to 50°C in water; -40° to 100°C in air

Accuracy: ±0.15°C from 0° to 70°C

Resolution: 0.002° at 25°C

Use Interface cable (as above) and/or external power
Air Velocity T-DCI-F900-L-O 0.15 - 5 m/s (30 - 985 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-L-P 0.15 - 5 m/s (30 - 985 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-S-O 0.15 - 10 m/s (30 - 1969 fpm)
T-DCI-F900-S-P 0.15 - 10 m/s (30 - 1969 fpm)

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5


Carbon Dioxide
TEL-7001 Requires CABLE-CO2
Compressed Air Flow T-CDI-5200-10S 1 - 80 SCFM
T-CDI-5400-20S 3 - 350 SCFM

Requires CABLE-4-20MA

DC Current

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-4-20MA or CABLE-ADAP5

Differential Air Pressure T-VER- PXU-L

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5

Gauge Pressure
T-ASH-G2-100 psig
T-ASH-G2-200 psig
T-ASH-G2-500 psig

Requires AC-SENS-1 & CABLE-ADAP5





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UX120 four channel

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