DC Current

The T-VER-971BP-200 measures in the range -200 to +200 Amps.


  • Status LED ensures proper wiring for easy set-up
  • Convenient self-gripping clamp-on design
  • 5 year limited warranty



+/- 2 to +/- 200 (via span adjust)
Accuracy below 100A span: +/- .5 A
above 100A span: +/- .5% full scale

79 x 70 x 36 mm 

Sensor Opening 28 x 23 mm
Output  4 - 20mA
Input 12 - 24 DC (15 VDC min. for currents > 120 A);
35 mA no-load to 110 mA at 200 A current



  • U30 Datalogger in conjuction with built in VIA module
  • H22 Energy Logger in conjunction with a S-FS-CVIA module

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