Energy & HVAC Sensors

Extensive selection of sensors compatible with the HOBO Energy Logger, U30 & RX3000 Systems. These sensors are not compatible with the USB Micro station.

Also see Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensors

AC Current

The AC Current Transformer (CT) is mounted around a current carrying wire to measure AC Amperage.

AC Voltage

The AC Potential Transformers are used with the TRMS Module to provide accurate measurement of AC voltage.

Air Velocity

The F300 & F350 series are versatile and rugged, high-performance air velocity and air temperature sensors. Designed with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure, they are suitable for demanding applications, including those in corrosive or alkaline environments.     

DC Current

The T-VER-971BP-200 measures in the range -200 to +200 Amps.

Differential Air Pressure

The stability, accuracy and ease of use characteristics of the PX3UL makes it the ideal product for differential pressure monitoring applications.

Gauge Pressure Sensors

This pressure sensor from Ashcroft provides precision pressure measurements in compressed air systems, water, or other compatible gases and fluids

kWh Transducers - WattNode

These units from Wattnode output a pulse which is proportional to kWh and used with the pulse input adaptor.

Telaire Carbon Dioxide

The Telaire 7001 CO2 Monitor measures and displays CO2 and temperature data simultaneously. It can be connected to the HOBO U12 logger to record CO2 data, or the HOBO Energy Logger to record CO2 and temperature data.


Energy Management Association of New Zealand

EMANZ run a range of training programs for energy professionals designed to upskill users on energy management practice, monitoring and auditing.

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