Telaire Carbon Dioxide


The Telaire 7001 CO2 Monitor measures and displays CO2 and temperature data simultaneously. It can be connected to the HOBO U12 logger to record CO2 data, or the HOBO Energy Logger to record CO2 and temperature data.

Operating on 6 VDC this sensor uses patented Absorption Infrared technology for CO2 measurement to a resolution of ±1 ppm.


  • Monitors CO2 and temperature when connected to the Energy logger, CO2 (only) when connected to U12 external port loggers
  • 0 to 4,000 ppm measurement range (± 1 ppm sensitivity)
  • AC power adapter available


Compatible with:

  • Energy Logger in conjuction with a S-FS-CVIA module AND CABLE-2070
  • U12 External Channel loggers (models U12-006, U12-008, U12-012, U12-013), in conjuction with a CABLE-CO2
  • U30 Stations in conjuction with a built in VIA module AND CABLE-2070
  • H08 External Channel loggers (no longer available) , in conjuction with a CABLE-CO2

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