Differential Air Pressure


The stability, accuracy and ease of use characteristics of the PX3UL makes it the ideal product for differential pressure monitoring applications.


  • User selectable units, uni- or bi-directional pressure ranges and analog output (mA or Vdc)
  • LCD display
  • Panel or duct mounting (probe included)
  • High accuracy (+/- 1% full scale of selected range)



  • Measurement ranges: Switch selectable, uni- or bi-directional; Unidirectional: 25 pa/50 pa/100 pa/250 pa;  Bidirectional: ±25 pa/±50 pa/±100 pa/±250 pa
  • Sensor supply: 12 - 30VDC or 24 VAC.
  • Medium: dry air, inert gas
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 60C
  • Humidity range: 0 - 90% non-condensing (indoor use)
  • Response time: (selectable) Fast, 2 sec; Standard, 20 sec
  • Output: (selectable) 4 - 20mA or 0 -5VDC or 0 - 10VDC


Datalogger Compatability:

  • RX3000 or U30: Requires analog input option (at purchase)
  • H22-001: Requires use of a S-FS-CVIA module
  • U12:Requires 0-5 Vdc analog input cable (CABLE-ADAP5) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1).




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