Gauging Current Meters & Accessories

A range of impellor and ADC current meters and loggers

Seba M1 Mini Current Meter

Measurement of flow velocity for streams, rivers and channels with low water level starting from 0.025m/s

Seba F1 Universal Current Meter

Flow velocity measurement for streams, rivers and channels  0.25 - 10m/s

HydroProfiler-M Acoustic Flow Meter

A 1-D Acoustic Flow Meter for measuring stream velocity in depths down to 2cm.

HydroProfiler M-Pro Acoustic Flow Meter

A 2-D Acoustic Flow Meter which measures velocity and depth in each vertical with just one reading.

STIL Gauging Logger (Glogger)

Due to parts obsolescence, we are unable to manufacture any new Gauging Loggers. Support and repair services for existing units will continue for the forseeable future.