Seba M1 Mini Current Meter

Measurement of flow velocity for streams, rivers and channels with low water level starting from 0.025m/s


  • Meterbody made of high quality non-corrosive steel
  • Rod, 9 mm diameter, 3 parts, 1.5 m long
  • Propeller made of aluminium (50mm Ø, 250mm pitch)
  • Instrument case with tools
  • Buffer stop and spare parts
  • Standard calibration results
  • 2 spare ball bearings, oil,


  • Different propellers
  • Rod, 9mm Ø, 1,5m long, 3 parts
  • Rod, 20mm Ø, 3m long, 3 parts
  • Relocating device
  • Connection cable signal counter - current meter
  • Calibration (individual)

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Mobile Discharge Measurement systems

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