OTT C2 Small Current Meter

The C2 Small Current Meter is used for measurement of flow velocity at low water levels.
The highly precise, reinforced spindle bearing as well as a non-contact signalling system give the possibility for measuring flow velocities as of 0.025 m/s. Minimum depth of water for the C2 is approx. 4 cm.

The OTT C2 Small Current Meter is used for flow velocity measurement at low water levels in:
  • Laboratories
  • River models
  • Small channels, falajs
  • Conduits
  • Runoff ditches


  • Cost reduction owing to low maintenance requirements and simple, inexpensive handling.
  • The robust construction and high-quality materials allow operation even under difficult conditions with high accuracy
  • Low starting speed due to robust ball bearings
  • Reinforced meter spindle


  • Flow velocity from 0.025 m/s to 5 m/s
  • Current meter reed relay contact 1 pulse/revolution lifetime > 1 million contacts
  • Operating voltage range max. 9V DC
  • Magnetic switch pressure-tight up to 30 bar
  • Material - meter body brass - gal Ni 8mt
  • Material - propellor aluminium, anodised
  • Size dia. x length up to tip of propeller ø14 x 152 mm
  • Weight w/o propellor 0.103 kg
  • Rod w/o clamping piece ø9mm, with clamping piece ø20mm

The rotation rate of the precisely calibrated propeller is proportional to water velocity. The velocity is determined by counting the number of propeller revolutions over a pre-selected time period with a counter unit.

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OTT C2 Small Current Meter Brochure

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