CR1000KD & CD100 Keyboard / Display

The CR1000KD and CD100 are combined keyboard and displays for the CR1000(X) or CR800

The CR1000KD is used to check datalogger status, display or plot sensor readings and stored values, and to enter numeric data or change port/flag state. One CR1000KD may be carried from station to station in a datalogger network.

For those who want a mountable display, the CD100 has all the features of the CR1000KD. It is weather and dust-proof to IP66 so can be mounted directly into the enclosure lid for external access to readings.



  • Keyboard/Display for a CR1000 or CR800 datalogger
  • Displays 8 lines x 21 characters
  • 16-character keyboard
  • Supports the use of custom menus



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CD100 mounted in enclosure lid

CD100 mounted in enclosure lid