Visibility, LIDAR & Present Weather Sensors

CS125 Present Weather & Visibility Sensor

The CS125 is an infrared forward-scatter visibility and present weather sensor for stand-alone use or with automatic weather stations including those for road, marine, and airport applications.

Benefits and Features

  • High performance sensor at a competitive price
  • Sensor design minimises airflow disruption at measurement volume
  • Simple field calibration using optional calibration kit
  • Low power - suitable for remote application
  • Automatic status check for faults or window contamination
  • Incorporates automatic dew and hood heaters for all-weather operation


Key Specifications

  • Maximum Reported Visibility: 75 km
  • Minimum Reported Visibility: 5 m
  • Resolution: 1 m
  • Outputs: Present and past weather (standard mist, fog, drizzle, freezing drizzle, drizzle and snow, rain, freezing rain, rain and drizzle, rain and snow, and snow). 56 SYNOP present weather codes and associated METAR and NWS present weather codes - hail detection option; past weather code option.
  • Accuracy:±8% (up to 600 m);±10% (600 to 10,000 m);±15% (10,000 to 15,000 m);±20% (above 15,000 m)
  • Precipitation Detection Sensitivity: 0.05 mm/h
  • Sensor Sealing: Rated to IP66
  • Emitter Light Frequency: 850 nm
  • Total Unit Power: Less than 3 W while sampling continuously (including dew heaters)




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