Direct & Diffuse Radiation

Solar Radiation

Sensors in this category measure, or calculate incoming short wave radiation, from either direct, or diffuse sources.

For direct radiation, a pyrheliometer measures radiation at normal incidence and is mounting on a tracking device which follows the angle of the sun. For diffuse radiation a shade disk or shadow band is used to block out direct radiation.

Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer

The SPN1 is an affordable and effective way of measuring total, direct and diffuse radiation.

Eppley SMT Automatic Solar Tracker

The Eppley Automatic Solar Tracker, Model SMT was developed to allow convenient automatic pointing of normal incidence solar radiation measuring instruments (sNIP , AHF) at the sun.

Eppley sNIP Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer

A pyrheliometer mounted on a solar tracker is used to measure the Direct Beam Solar Irradiance (DNI) from the sun.