Eppley sNIP Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer

A pyrheliometer mounted on a solar tracker is used to measure the Direct Beam Solar Irradiance (DNI) from the sun.

Historically, the preferred field of view for Pyrheliometers was based on a 10:1 ratio which equated to approximately 5.7°. Due in part to the commercialization of the Eppley AHF Cavity Radiometer as a Primary Standard and advances in accuracy of Automatic Solar Trackers (such as the Eppley SMT Tracker), the preferred FOV for pyrheliometers is now 5º. The new Eppley sNIP has a 5° FOV. In fact, it has the exact same geometric dimensions as used in the AHF. Additionally, internal changes were employed to increase the response time and reduce conduction and convection issues and a thermistor is included for those who wish to measure the instrument temperature.

As a result, the new Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer, Model sNIP meets the performance specifications of an ISO Secondary Standard* and a WMO High Quality Pyrheliometer.

Key Specifications:


Application: Working Standard or Network Measurements
Classification: Secondary Standard (conditions apply)
Traceability: WRR through Primary or Secondary
Spectral Range:
 250-3000 nm
Field of View:
Output 0-10 mV
Sensitivity approx. 8 μV / Wm-2
Impedance approx. 200 Ω

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