Apogee UV-A Sensor & Meter

UV-A sensor for measurement in the spectral range of 300 to 400 nm.







Model SU-200 SU-202 SU-205
Power Self-powered 3.3-24VDC 5.5-24VDC
Output 0.1 mV per W m-2;
0.03 mV per µmol m-2 s-1
25 mV per W m-2;
8.33 mV per µmol m-2 s-1
50 mV per W m-2;
16.67 mV per µmol m-2 s-1
0-10mV = 0-100W/m2
0-2.5V = 0-100W/m2
0-5V = 0-100W/m2
Spectral Range
300-400nm  300-400nm


Meter with Seperate Sensor - MU-250

  • Sample mode will record up to 99 manual measurements.

  • Log mode will power the meter on/off to make a measurement every 30 seconds.Every 30 minutes the meter will average the sixty 30 second measurements and record the averaged value to memory.The meter can store up to 99 averages, once full it will start to overwrite the oldest measurement with new ones.An average daily value will be recorded from the 48 averaged measurements (making a 24 hr period).
  • Sample and log measurements can be reviewed on the LCD display or by downloading the data to a computer, however, the average daily value can only be viewed by downloading the data to a computer.
  • Downloading data to a computer requires the AC-100 communication cable (a standard USB cable will not work) and ApogeeAMS software. Comes with a free protective carrying case.



Leveling Bases

The AL-100 is required for sensors on cable.

The AL-210 is used for mounting meters with integral sensor.

Carry Case The AA-100 carry case is an optional accessory for protecting meters in the field
Mounting Brackets

The AM-110 fits the AL-100 leveling base and can be mounted directly to a mast or pipe with an outer diameter of 33-53 mm.

The AM-001 is designed to fit to the back of a meter for mounting a sensor on cable.

Sensor Wands

The AM-310 is for placing sensors in difficult to access places, such as underwater or under canopy.

The AM-320 is a salt water version.









About the manufacturer

Apogee manufacture a specialised range of sensors for biophysical studies including light sensors, oxygen and surface temperature (IR) sensors.

All Apogee products are covered by an industry-leading four-year warranty against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship.

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