Ultraviolet (UV)

Measures light in the wavelengths 250-400nm. Some sensors cover the full band while other seperate UVA and UVB.

765 Environmental Monitor

Measures Lux, UV, Temperature & Humidity at indoor light levels

775 Universal Light Meter

Measures Lux, UV, Temperature & IR Radiation at indoor light levels

Apogee UV-A Sensor & Meter

UV-A sensor for measurement in the spectral range of 300 to 400 nm.

Skye Apollo Light Meter

Get real time readings from your UVA, UVB or UVI sensor

Skye UV Index Sensor

This sensor has a response closely matching the ultraviolet Erythemal Action Curve, the portion of the solar radiation spectrum usually associated with sunburn and skin cancer.

Skye UVA & UVB Sensors

Two sensors designed to measure ultraviolet wavelengths: UVA (315-380nm) and UVB (280-315nm) parts of sunlight.