765 Environmental Monitor

Measures Lux, UV, Temperature & Humidity at indoor light levels

Measures and displays visible light (Lux or Foot-candles), UV light ( mW/M² or µW/lumen ), temperature ( °C or °F ) and humidity ( %RH ). The world standard instrument for museums, art galleries conservators or any application requiring a controlled environment.

In addition to the standard model there are also

  • Model 7650 - measures Lux and UV but not temperature or humidity
  • Model 765C - includes a datalogger with over 10,000 readings of all 4 parameters, wireless infrared output and Windows software for download, archiving and display.



NOTE: The 765 replaces the earlier model 764 monitor, with the following improvements:

  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Metal case
  • Direct USB connection instead of infrared for data download
  • Larger memory

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Elsec 765 Environmental Monitor

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