Valeport CTDs

Valeport offers a selection of instruments, from simple plug on sensors for OEM applications through hand held systems and devices for long term monitoring at fixed sites, to multiparameter profiling systems for deep ocean applications.

MIDAS CTD Profiler

The MIDAS CTD is Valeport's premier CTD Profiler.


The miniCT probe is Valeport's direct reading Conductivity and Temperature sensor.


The miniCTD is designed for short term or budget applications where sensor performance cannot be compromised.

Monitor CTD Profiler

Based on the leading MIDAS CTD Profiler, the Monitor CTD offers excellent performance but in a smaller, lightweight package for shallow water applications.

The CTD is perhaps the most commonly used tool in an oceanographer's armoury, providing detailed profile and time series data on the measured parameters Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure, but more particularly the calculated values of Salinity, Density and Sound Velocity.

All Valeport CTDs use their own inductive Conductivity sensors. Digital sampling techniques ensure high accuracy, and the unique construction gives sensor stability at any depth. Temperature is always measured with a fast response PRT (Platinum Resistance Thermometer), and instruments also use industry standard strain gauge or resonant quartz pressure sensors.