HS2P - Pole Version
HS2P - Pole Version

HydroSense II

Campbell Scientific

Our most popular Handheld soil moisture probe.


The HydroSense II replaces the original HydroSense adding a number of sophisticated functions for portable monitoring. It consists of a 3" display attached to either the CS658(P) (20cm) or CS659(P) (12cm) soil sensor. The Pole (P) version includes an 82cm insertion pole to enable you to take readings without bending.


  • Uses proven time domain reflectometry for soil moisture measurement
  • Strengthened connections for insertion and removal from hard soils
  • Integrated GPS for tagging each measurement with latititude and longitude
  • Provision for spatial averaging within user-specified zones
  • Bluetooth connection to PC for data retrieval and system configuration
  • Range of data display and export options


  • Handheld Display Unit
    • Measurement Parameter: Volumetric Water Content (%)
    • Display: 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD
    • Keypad: Seven-button membrane keypad
    • Dimensions: 200 x 100mm
    • Reading time: <3 seconds
    • GPS accuracy: 5m
    • Communications: Bluetooth
  • CS658(P) & CS659(P) Water Content Probes
    • Accuracy: ±3% water content
    • Resolution: 0.05%
    • Range: 5% to 50%
    • Rod Length: 120 (CS659) or 200 (CS658) mm


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HS2 - Standard Version

HS2 - Standard Version