Soil Moisture Sensors

As water becomes more of a scarce resource, effective management is required to maximise the benefits of your irrigation. Scottech has been dealing with soil moisture monitoring and irrigation management since the late 90's. These products can be installed as a stand alone datalogging system or incorporated in to an existing irrigation control system. We can offer products suitable for semi-permanent installation as well as portable equipment for taking spot measurements.

Campbell Scientific CS616 Water Content Reflectometer

Highly accurate volumetric moisture content sensors using Campbell Scientific's highly regarded TDR technology

SoilVUE10 Soil Moisture Profiler

The SoilVUETM10 is a soil water content profile sensor powered by Campbell TrueWaveTMTDR technology.

Campbell Scientific CS650 & CS655 Soil Water Reflectometers

A multiparameter smart soil moisture sensor combining soil moisture, temperature and conductivity.

HS2P - Pole Version

Campbell Scientific HydroSense II

Our most popular Handheld soil moisture probe.

229 Water Matric Potential Sensor

A soil water potential sensor using heat dissipation across a matrix

Delta-T WET-2 Sensor

The WET-2 Sensor is one of few soil moisture sensors suitable for measuring moisture levels in alternative growing media used in the horticulture industry.

Delta-T Theta Probe ML3

The Theta Probe is well known as one of the most accurate and reliable soil moisture sensors on the market. The Model ML3 replaces the ML2x.

Delta-T SM150 Soil Moisture Sensor

A small lower cost sensor suitable for general purpose soil moisture monitoring, small enough for plant pots or bags

Soil Water Application Note

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