CS650 & CS655 Soil Water Reflectometers

Campbell Scientific

A multiparameter smart soil moisture sensor combining soil moisture, temperature and conductivity.

The CS650/CS655 is an improved TDR sensor that combines measurments of moisture temperature and conductivity to automatically give soil volumetric water content. In addition to automatic temperature compensation, it also checks the reading for validity to ensure that you only record meaningful data.



  • More accurate water content measurements in soils with bulk EC up to 3 dS m-1 without performing a soil-specific calibration
  • Larger sample volume reduces error
  • Measurement corrected for effects of soil texture and electrical conductivity
  • Estimates soil-water content for a wide range of mineral soils
  • Versatile sensor-measures dielectric permittivity, bulk electrical conductivity (EC), and soil temperature
  • SDI-12 output

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CS650 Brochure

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