CS616 Water Content Reflectometer

Campbell Scientific

Highly accurate volumetric moisture content sensors using Campbell Scientific's highly regarded TDR technology

The CS616 Water Content Reflectometer measures the volumetric water content from 0% to saturation. It uses time-domain measurement methods, but a reflectometer (cable tester) such as the TDR100 is not required. The probe consists of two 30 cm long stainless steel rods connected to the measurement electronics (printed circuit board). The probe rods can be inserted from the surface or the probe can be buried at any orientation to the surface.


  • Compatible with all current Campbell Scientific dataloggers except the CR200 and CR300-series (use the alternative CS650 or CS655)
  • Measures volumetric water content using time-domain reflectometry methods
  • Designed for long-term unattended water content monitoring
  • Accuracy ±2.5% VWC using standard calibration
  • Resolution better than 0.1% VWC
  • Measurement time is <500 microseconds
  • Can multiplex up to 48 CS616 probes with AM16/32B


  • Accuracy: ±2.5% VWC using standard calibration in measurement range 0% VWC to 50% VWC
  • Precision: CS616 - 0.05% VWC
  • Resolution: 0.1% VWC
  • Rod Length: 300 mm
  • Rod Diameter: 3.2 mm
  • Rod Spacing: 32 mm
  • Probe Head: 85 mm x 63 mm x 18 mm
  • Maximum cable length: 1000 feet (305 m)
  • Weight: 280 g (9.9 oz)


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CS616 Brochure

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