SoilVUE10 Soil Moisture Profiler

Campbell Scientific

The SoilVUETM10 is a soil water content profile sensor powered by Campbell TrueWaveTMTDR technology.

This soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and temperature profile sensor was developed with environmental researchers and environmental monitoring networks in mind. The SoilVUETM10 represents several exciting advancements in in-situ soil measurement that should make this an extremely compelling option for anyone in these applications who needs to make multiple measurements in a profile.

Campbell Scientific's proprietary TrueWaveTMTDR technology combines a best-in-class rise time with an advanced waveform analysis technique to determine the true travel time of a high-frequency pulse. This process achieves a high-resolution, smooth signal for measurements that are defensible and can be universally compared with other TDR measurements. Not all TDR-based sensors perform equally well.

Benefits and Features

  • Measures VWC, permittivity, EC, and temperature at six depths over 0.5 m or nine depths over 1.0 m using one sensor
  • Quick and low-impact installation
  • SDI-12 version 1.4 digital output that is compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Designed for long-term outdoor operation




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SoilVUE10 Brochure

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