Fluorometers & Turbidity Multi-parameter Sensors

Valeport have range of products for Environmental Monitoring applications. Leading this is the Hyperion range of fluorometers and turbidity sensors.

Integrated versions of these sensors into multi-parameter profilers are covered with SWiFTplus, fastCTD and rapidPro CTD.


Product Range:

SWiFTplus Fluorometer

Valeport's SWiFTplus Multi-Parameter Profiler can be supplied with either a Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine or Phycocyanin sensor to combine survey-grade CTD, Sound Speed, Salinity, Density technology with Fluorometer observations.

SWiFTplus Turbidity

SWiFTplus combines wide range Turbidity observations with Valeport’s survey grade sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries. An integral GPS module, to geo-locate each profile, completes the package. Data can be easily and quickly downloaded and reviewed wirelessly, via Bluetooth, using an App and instantly shared, in industry standard SVP formats through email and cloud services. Using the provided USB adapter or cable, Valeport’s Connect software package provides further tools.

In addition to the directly measured turbidity, sound speed, temperature and pressure observations, Conductivity, Salinity and, therefore, Density are calculated using Valeport’s proprietary algorithm developed from extensive laboratory and field work.

Hyperion Fluorometer

The Hyperion Fluorometer sensor range delivers a high performance measurement of Chlorophyll A, Fluorescein, Rhodamine and Phycocyanin in a compact & robust package ideal for ROV, AUV and general logging use.

Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, titanium housing the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 32Hz and RS232 communications.

fastCTD Profiler

An evolution of the miniCTD, the Fast Profiler has been designed to deliver the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates.

A conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor synchronously sampling at 32Hz deliver the highest quality profiles in a lightweight and robust package. Add in an integral fluorometer based on Valeport’s new Hyperion range, an optional Bluetooth communications module and the fastCTD Profiler offers a unique and versatile package. 



rapidPro CTD

The rapidPro CTD has been developed for the rapid collection of conductivity, temperature and depth without compromising the quality of the data.

An optional integrated fluorometer sensor in either Chlorophyll A, Fluorescein, Rhodamine and Phycocyanin is also available to enhance measurement capability.



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fastCTD Data Sheet

File Size 522KB   Filename valeport-fastctd-datasheet.pdf   Download

Hyperion Fluorescence Data Sensor

File Size 646KB   Filename valeport-hyperion-chlorophyll-fluorescein-and-rhodamine.pdf   Download

RapidPro CTD Data Sheet

File Size 1.33MB   Filename valeport-rapidpro-ctd-datasheet.pdf   Download

SWiFT Plus Chlorophyll a Data Sheet

File Size 1.48MB   Filename valeport-swiftplus-chlororphyll-a-data-sheet-april-2019.pdf   Download

SWiFT Plus Fluorescien Data Sheet

File Size 1.48MB   Filename valeport-swiftplus-fluorescein-data-sheet-april-2019.pdf   Download

SWiFT Plus Phycocyanin Data Sheet

File Size 1.48MB   Filename swiftplus_phycocyanin_data_sheet_april_2019.pdf   Download

SWiFT Plus Rhodamine Data Sheet

File Size 1.48MB   Filename swiftplus_rhodamine_data_sheet_april_2019.pdf   Download

SWiFT Plus Turbidity Data Sheet

File Size 1.03MB   Filename valeport_-_swiftplus_turbidity_datasheet.pdf   Download