Leaf-To-Air Temperature Sensors

Plant Growth

Highly precise measurement of the difference between leaf and air temperature. These sensors utilise a chain of 10 thermocouples with a spatially integrated output.

Multiple measurement points

  • Sensor available to fit either broadleaf or conifer needles
  • Lightweight wire frame with minimal injury to leaf
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • For leaves >3cm or needles >3mm


Precision measurement

  • Range ΔT = +/- 20°C
  • Resolution using CR1000 datalogger 0.0025 °C
  • Accuracy +/-(0.06% x Range+0.01)°CAbout Ecomatik


About Ecomatik

Ecomatik have been manufacturing precision instruments to monitor plant growth and water use for over 20 years.
Based in Germany, they supply researchers in over 60 countries through a network of approved distributors.

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