Ultraviolet (UV)

Measures light in the wavelengths 250-400nm. Some sensors cover the full band while other seperate UVA and UVB.

765 Environmental Monitor

Measures Lux, UV, Temperature & Humidity at indoor light levels

775 Universal Light Meter

Measures Lux, UV, Temperature & IR Radiation at indoor light levels

Apogee UV Sensor & Meter

For measurement of UVA/UVB combined

Skye Apollo Light Meter

Get real time readings from your UVA, UVB or UVI sensor

Skye UV Index Sensor

This sensor has a response closely matching the ultraviolet Erythemal Action Curve, the portion of the solar radiation spectrum usually associated with sunburn and skin cancer.

Skye UVA & UVB Sensors

Two sensors designed to measure ultraviolet wavelengths: UVA (315-380nm) and UVB (280-315nm) parts of sunlight.

The following sensors measure in the ultraviolet range. Please click the Related Pages links for more information.

  • The 765 handheld meter is designed specifcally for museums, galleries and archives. It combines UV with other parameters of interest including Lux, temperature and humidity
  • The Apogee MU-100 handheld meter is for general outdoor use and measures between 250-400nm covering the UV-A,B & C ranges. It is commonly used for plant studies.
  • Skye has sensors that measure specifically in either the UV-A (315-400nm), UV-B (280-315nm) or to match the erythemal response curve (UV Index), a measure of how human and animal skin reacts to UV.